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The Photoville FENCE is a year-round public photography project exhibited in major parks and downtowns across North America. Featuring over 90 photographers annually, the exhibition brings compelling visual stories into the public realm, and to a wide and diverse audience.

The 9th edition will be displayed in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Calgary, Denver, Durham, Houston, Metro (Fargo, W. Fargo and Moorhead), New Orleans, Sarasota, Seattle and Winchester!

Consistently attracting exceptional work by a diverse pool of photographers, the Photoville FENCE spotlights a wide range of photographic and lens-based stories. By exploring the universal themes of People, Streets, Play, Creatures, Home, Food, and Nature, the exhibition elevates our understanding of the world-at-large and issues close to home.

Tentative Schedule

The Photoville FENCE will be on display in each of the 11 cities between October 2020 through Summer 2021.  The Host Cities page will always have confirmed information and details about each city exhibition. This tentative schedule below is meant to provide you a birds-eye view of where and when your photos will be shown. (Dates are subject to change, and we’ll share updates as we have them!)

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Create Your Own Graphic

If you are relatively comfortable with Photoshop, it’s super easy to create your own promotional graphic for the 9th edition of the Photoville FENCE! We’ve created the overlay for you; all you need is the image you’d like to use, and to follow the simple steps below:

  • We’ve made overlay templates for either Facebook/Twitter or Instagram. If you’re using the Facebook/Twitter overlay, please make sure your press image is at least 1600px wide. If you are using the Instagram overlay, please ensure your press image is at least 1000px wide.
  • Open the provided .png file in Photoshop. From there, drag in the press image you would like to use, make sure that the image fills the entire frame of the overlay, and make sure that its respective layer is below the overlay in the Layers panel. Export as a .jpg, and you’re done!

*Click on the image, then save.

The Photoville FENCE Video

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Installation Images
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We know you may not be able to visit all 11 exhibitions, so we will work hard with all our partners to document them as they go up over the next few months. You are welcome to use these photos as a keepsake and to share and promote. We ask that you please always credit the photographer! If you have installation photos you’d like to contribute, please upload them here.

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