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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Looking Out from Within, 2020
by Julia Fullerton-Batten


COVID-19 came. Life changed. Probably irrevocably. I was numb. Couldn’t stand around helplessly. I decided to document the new daily existence of millions. I advertised my idea on social media and through my local paper in West London. The response was enormous. We made contact by phone and email, arranged details of location, clothing, face-mask, and set a date and time—guaranteed no physical contact.

Every few days I photographed people at home in self-isolation during the twilight hours. Imprisoned in their home, they gazed forlornly out of their window onto a different desolate world outside. I asked them a few informal questions about how they were coping. My twelve-year-old son helped carry the lighting. I hope that this will be an important project for personal, national, and international posterity—capturing the world scene when it was found to be at its most vulnerable and giving an intimate insight into the lives of those who experienced this macabre time.