[ Meet the 2020 Jury ]

Since the inception of THE FENCE in 2011, United Photo Industries has collaborated with a impressive roster of photo editors, curators, and photo-professionals who have helped make THE FENCE a truly exceptional public art project. We are honored to introduce the members of the 2019 Jury:

Molly Casey

Co-Founder + Studio Chief


Samantha Cooper

Senior Photo Editor


Elissa Curtis

Deputy Director of Photography

The Wall Street Journal

Barbara Griffin

Creative Director, Producer and Photo Editor

Barbara Griffin Productions

Pancho Bernasconi

Vice President of News


Steve Flores

Global Brand Manager


Adriana Teresa Letorney

Founder & Creative Director


Nicole HA Jacobs-Licht

Artist/ Photographer/Teacher


Henny Manley

Photo Director/Managing Editor

Esquire UK

Laura Pressley

Executive Director


Bertan Selim

Head of Grants & Collaborations

Prince Claus Fund

Julianne Varacchi

Senior Photo Editor


Nicole Werbeck

Senior Supervising Editor


Andrea Wise

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Diversify Photo

Ron Beinner

Senior Contributing Photography Producer

Vanity Fair / Conde Nast

Kate Bubacz

Deputy Photo Director

BuzzFeed News

David Bram

Editor, Founder, Curator

Fraction Magazine

Nate Gordon

Director of Photography

Players Tribune

Nicolas Jimenez

Director of Photography

Le Monde

Elizabeth Krist

Senior Photo Editor (former)

National Geographic

Santiago Lyon

Director of Editorial Content


Joanna Milter

Director of Photography

The New Yorker

John McCauley

Art and Photography Director

New Mexico Magazine

Dave Wofford

Book designer / publisher

Horse & Buggy Press

Edie Dillman

Art & Photography Director

New Mexico Magazine

Brian Henning

Freelance photographer & educator/Adjunct faculty

New Mexico Junior College, Arts and Humanities Dept.

Elan Buchen

Project Coordinator for Art and Design

Atlanta BeltLine

Natasha Christia

Independent writer, curator and educator

Sean Corcoran

Curator of Prints and Photographs

Museum of the City of New York

Alexa Dilworth

Publishing & Awards Director / CDS Books Senior Editor

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

Haley Hamblin

Features Photo Editor


Yoav Horesh


Frank Konhaus

Director of Cassilhaus


Toby Kaufmann

Director of Photography


Kerri MacDonald

Social Media Photo Editor

New York Times

Suzanne Revy


Tim Rasmussen

Director of Photography


Scott Thode

Director of Art & Education


Lawrence J. Wheeler

Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA)

North Carolina Museum of Art

Michael Wichita

Director of Photography

AARP Media

David Bram

Co-Founder, Fraction Magazine

Maria Kelly

Curatorial Assistant of Photography & Exhibitions

Jessie Wender

Senior Photo Editor

Gen Sadakane

Creative Director

Wes Kline

Assistant Professor of Photography

Additional jury members to be announced in the coming weeks