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Key numbers, statistics, and fun facts about The FENCE 2018

Exhibition Length

7,000ft / 2,133m

of Host Cities




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The FENCE is a large-scale traveling photography exhibition reaching 6 million visitors annually through open-air exhibitions in 8 cities across North America.

Photographers submitting to The FENCE 2018 may also be considered for one of our 5 Regional Showcase exhibitions that will highlight work by photographers living in New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, New England and Western Canada respectively.

  • Brooklyn

  • Boston

  • Atlanta

  • Santa Fe

  • Durham

  • Denver

  • Calgary, Canada

  • Sarasota

  • Boston (2017)

  • Houston (2017)


Over the past 6 years, THE FENCE has consistently attracted exceptional work by talented photographers from around the world, giving us an opportunity to share these powerful photographic narratives with a diverse audience of millions of visitors annually, while providing photographers with a truly public platform.

The recognition I have received from this exhibition surpasses all other exhibitions and awards in my career as a photographer thus far. I encourage all photographers with a project they feel passionate about to submit those images to The FENCE at Photoville.

- Dianne Yudelson – Antique Aviary

Not only was the public art aspect a wonderful experience, United Photo Industries was a joy to work with from beginning to end. It's truly been an expansive opportunity of which I'm thankful and I encourage photographers to submit to the Fence!

- Roberta Neidigh – Property Lines

Great experience, great exposure, did quite a bit of business because of this....thanks United Photo Industries and all your good elves.

- K C Bailey – At the Edge of the Woods

This was amazing. Not only did millions of New Yorkers see the piece but my series was picked up by news agencies across the globe including the London Times and Huffington Post.

- Mike McGregor – Preserve

Every few years I'm lucky enough to participate in a show that fills me with good energy, and THE FENCE definitely did just that. Fantastic job - can't wait to check out what you all have in store for next year!

- Ian Addison Hall – Progress As Seen Through a Hole

A fantastic experience having my photographs up for so long for so many people to see. I loved it and so did Amelia. I was lucky enough to be featured by CBS News

- Robin Schwartz – Amelia and the Animals

I was interviewed in Brooklyn for local TV and had a ten-page feature of my work in Audubon magazine thanks to my participation in THE FENCE.

- Andrew Garn – New York City Pigeons

THE FENCE was an ‘event’ – not just a showcase for photography. In the case of Brooklyn, THE FENCE created a lovely summer stroll along the water while viewing the great diversity of photography. Because of its location, people that would not ordinarily go to photo exhibits, did. I sold several images because of that. It has been a great experience.

- Pat Swain – Lost Flamingos in the Cloud Forest

When visiting on a sunny weekend in Brooklyn, we were thrilled to see how many people made THE FENCE a destination and engaged with the work. We have met some of the impressive jurors at portfolio reviews this year. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the project demonstrated it to be an intelligent labor of love.

- Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman – Processed Views

It has been a fantastic experience to be part of an outdoor exhibition that stretched over different cities and gave so many people a chance to view so many different visual stories. Ruthy Goes to Church began "marching" on THE FENCE in Brooklyn, continued in Atlanta and went on to be exhibited in Houston. That in itself makes me so proud to have been part of it. Thank you! Ruthy's marching band and I salute you.

- Julia Gunther - Ruthy Goes to Church

Really lovely exposure, and I greatly enjoyed just how accessible THE FENCE is — sometimes I feel like my work is largely seen/consumed/critiqued by people within the photojournalism industry, which, don't get me wrong, is important too — but it was so nice to get messages and tweets from average New Yorkers who'd seen the work and really wanted to engage.

- Daniella Zalcman – Sunday Soldiers

THE FENCE is such a gift to the community, for artists the exposure is incredible and it is very inspiring to be included amongst so much talent. For the general public it is wonderful and unexpected to have contemporary artwork be so accessible. I love that my work is seen by such a diverse cross section of people.

- Claire Rosen – The Fantastical Feasts