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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Beth Johnston

Project Statement:

I’ve experienced loss. Great loss. Loss that I won’t name here because the implications upon other individuals is real. However, we can all relate to loss. We all know the heart aching truth that resounds from loss in our lives.

In this new shaded reality, I found myself in need of a refuge. So I would get in my car and drive. Or I would hike. I would retreat to the wilderness and to the strange artifacts it contained, often stopping only when my intuition told me to. These lands offered themselves as my canvas to process and to heal. To reflect on the beauty, brokenness and mystery contained at once in this world. The land allowed me to reconcile the incongruence of what I thought my life would be like… and its reality.

As we go about our days, there is a constant dichotomy of our current experience and the hopes of both our past and our tomorrow. Our lives are the membrane between these two worlds. The convergence. The constant and fluid interchange of our dreams and our experience, ever influencing one another.

SOMEW.HERE is an exploration of that space between and the reflective nature that the landscape holds for each of us. My landscape canvas will always tell a different story than yours. Your reflection and interpretation will hold your own history and your own truths. But perhaps we can share the process. We both live in the in-between of our now and our future.



Artist Bio:

Beth Johnston is an editorial, documentary and fine art photographer located in the Colorado Rockies. Inspired by the natural world and the human story, Beth’s work often focuses on the intersection of nature and humanity. Her work has been published in 5280 Magazine, High Country News, Colorado Central Magazine, Colorado Collective, and Arabian Horse Magazine. Shows include a solo exhibition at Howl Gallery in Salida, Colorado, and a group show at Jailhouse Gallery in Buena Vista, Colorado. She sells her fine art work online and through her studio in downtown Salida, Colorado. She lives in a 1978 airstream with her dog, Thyme.