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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Collecting Words
by Brian Fouhy

Project Statement:

As a constant observer, Fouhy has taken notice of the words surrounding us every day that go unnoticed. The storefronts, graffiti, city signage, and art of which they are a part give them a richer visual experience, opening up the imagination to interpret words beyond their dictionary definition.

Wherever he goes, Fouhy makes an effort to see what he can find, and enjoys getting “lost”, which is where the most interesting words are often found. “I like the words I don’t see coming, which I’ll sometimes pass only to realize I need to track back, photograph, and collect.” Throughout this project Fouhy has learned that words and objects in the world are more ephemeral than we realize. Often thinking we’ll catch it next time, but it is important to remember there may not be a next time, and remind ourselves how important it can be to live in the moment.

Artist Bio:

Brian Fouhy is a photographer and digital concept creator who has grown an international following with his efforts to transform the internet into one big friendly neighborhood. Injecting all of his work with a shot of humor, Fouhy offers a unique take from behind the viewfinder.

Fouhy currently resides in Boulder, Colorado and travels extensively, he has been collecting words for the past 7 years amassing well over 600 photos.