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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Two Wheelers
by Gerry Dotto

Project Statement:

A common condition of urban life is the reduction of personal living space. This series looks at how people adapt to the limited space they’re allotted. It focuses on a group of apartment dwellers, each resident has a small, clearly defined area to store their car, their bikes, their stuff.

The series is titled “two wheelers”. These are still lifes. The borders of each space are clearly defined and, in effect, frame the contents of that area; each parking stall serves as a small stage for the tenant’s ready-made ‘installation’.

The heavy yellow stripes recur throughout the series and serve as a bold, defining element in each photo. There’s tension displayed in the relationship between the stripes and the bikes. They don’t simply mark boundaries, they act as immovable, emotionless sentries – keepers of the space.

Artist Bio:

I’m a visual artist working out of Edmonton, Canada. Through my imagery I investigate the city spaces we occupy. I look at how we as individuals inhabit the limited personal spaces we’re afforded and explore our interaction with everyday forms of visual communication. Along with photography, I also work as a printmaker and with mixed media. My work has been exhibited in solo and group shows both nationally and internationally. Most recently, I’ve shown in “The Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art” at Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Canada, “The Salt Spring National Art Prize” Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island, BC, “International Photography Competition” (First Place Winner, Still Life) Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, FL and “Third Annual Juried Printmaking Exhibition” Manhattan Graphic Center, New York, NY.