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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Ghost Town
by Yousuf Zafar

Project Statement:

West of the Mojave National Preserve in Southern California, the town of Amboy pops up along Route 66. This abandoned town had its heyday in the late 1920’s when Route 66 first opened. After Interstate 40 opened in 1973 bypassing Route 66, the town’s usefulness and popularity rapidly declined. When the last resident left, Amboy was left to collect dust. The town was once listed for sale on eBay, and is currently owned by a fast food chain founder.

Artist Bio:

Yousuf Zafar was born in Pakistan, grew up in Saudi Arabia and Ohio, and spent time in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today he lives in Durham, North Carolina. Yousuf’s photography is influenced by his travels in and outside of the U.S. He is in his element spending a few hours crouching in one spot, intent on one person, as a market crowd bustles around him, as the light changes above him.