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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Today's West
by Preston Utley

Project Statement:

When the discovery of photography was made public in 1839 few early American photographers made the epic journey from the metropolitan east coast to the rugged, undeveloped, untamed west. Those that did, carried 1000’s of pounds worth of gear carried by horse, donkeys, and oxen. Modern day exploration requires nothing more than a car and gas money. Many of the most significant places that were photographed early on have been turned into living museums, these national parks are easily accessible for the masses to enjoy. What was once a unique experience for very few brave early explorers can now be experienced by people from all over the world and at any age. I am continuing a long tradition in photography of documenting the American West and in particular the ease in which the masses can access these once unattainable lands.

Artist Bio:

Preston Utley, is a freelance photographer based in Denver, CO. His  interest in photography began as a way to connect with friends and  family and has since spawned into a passion and a lifestyle. He is  drawn to moments, light, and the human experience.