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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Stories From The Range
by Sally Thomson

Project Statement:

Stories From The Range explores the changing landscape of family ranching in Southwestern rangelands.

From small family ranches in New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, to those near the border in Arizona, this project explores the deep connection people have to the land they work and the importance they place on family, stewardship and sustaining cultural traditions.

For years, family ranchers have faced increasing struggles for various reasons, including the growth of industrialized agriculture, urban encroachment, and desertification caused by decades of overgrazing and poorly managed land. While the number of family ranches dwindles each year, many of those that exist today are embracing alternative ways of ranching, which are designed to improve the land and secure a healthier way of life for their families, communities, and future generations.

Artist Bio:

Sally Thomson is a freelance photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has pursued photography for many years, initially as part of her work as a landscape architect and more recently as a dedicated documentary and fine art photographer. In a world where many of us live and find inspiration in urban areas, she is particularly interested in the relationship between cultures and landscapes that exist on the edge of that space, and beyond.