Save the Sirens Project
by Tonya Barnes


I have to be honest here, I’ve done thousands of shoots but this one was hard for me to complete. It was very sad and heartbreaking to see first hand. I hope this message gets to the people that need to see it and they do something about this.

I will say, it was not a pleasant shoot! We witnessed first hand this tragedy and the poor models lay down beside all of the death and stench to prove a point. It’s time to do something about this once and for all!

Here is a little information about what we are trying to draw attention to. Every year Lake Okeechobee is released into two major rivers that spill out into the Gulf Of Mexico, right smack-dab in the middle of southwest Florida which then also reaches the other coast out in the Atlantic Ocean.

This condition is due to three major culprits and poor planning by the army corps of engineers. Phosphorous-rich water from Lake Okeechobee is being redirected down the Caloosahatchee river and the St. Lucie canal, instead of letting the water take its natural flow south through the everglades into Florida Bay after the water had been naturally filtered along the way.

We have a voice, and together we can be heard! We need to speak out and let Florida’s leaders know that we won’t have it anymore. And don’t forget to vote as well! Take action, my friends.


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