Black Flower Series
by Joyce P. Lopez


When there is the death of your very best friend and spouse, you deal with the not there. Missing. Gone. Absent. Emptiness. No one to share life with anymore.

Some months later, I went to Lowes and bought a plant I had never seen before called Cat’s Whiskers. The flower was nearly black reflecting my mood but the tendrils were full of life and movement. Elegant. Recalibrate, be resilient. Move forward.


Birds of Florida in Breeding Glory
Carole Devillers

This series Birds of Florida in Breeding Glory presents five of these awesome creatures we call birds during a particular stage of their lives.

Save the Sirens Project
Tonya Barnes

I hope this message gets to the people that need to see it and they do something about this.

Home, Sweet Mobile Home
Ann Clifford-McGough

My camera allows me to peer into other lives outside of my world.