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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Raising Goosebumps
by Cate Wnek

Project Statement:

Like a counterweight running parallel to the upheaval for all that I can’t control in life, the creative process rouses my curiosity and wonder. I’m forever in need of more ways of seeing and perceiving to navigate my foggy and uncertain surrounds. In my process, I can jump from the pictures into a world previously unimagined, escaping into realization. The vibrant frames pull me back to myself. I look out, then look deeper within, and discover what I have always understood, but beneath the surface. Like delicate words in a rhyme, each image combines with the next to inform me, again and again. Iteratively, clarity is the gift, unexpectedly raising goosebumps.

Artist Bio:

Cate Wnek is a photographer, writer, and book artist based in Maine. Her writing and pictures have been published in Lemonade & Lenses, Click, One-Twenty-Five Magazine, and DPI Magazine. She has completed two workshops with Cig Harvey at Maine Media Workshops as well as a semester of the Maine Media MFA program in Photography. Her work has been selected for exhibition by the Curated Fridge and PhotoPlace Gallery, as well as a daily dozen Editor’s pick on National Geographic Your Shot. She is a contributing photographer to Offset and Adobe Premium Stock. In 2015, she was named one of the Top 100 photographers to watch by Clicking Moms, and a Favorite Mom Photographer by Born and raised in northern Virginia, she came to live in Maine for its mountains, oceans and love. Following a career on a global markets trading floor, she became hooked onto photography as a stay-at-home mother to two boys. She says, the creative process is the means by which she processes the jagged journey of life and motherhood – the wondrous beauty and aching impermanence.