Nature's Colorful Palette
by Peter Monsees


Nature’s Colorful Palette constantly changes but in its unpredictability, there always seems to be a consistency with the way it handles the sublime: whether it is the colors of an algae bloom, the beauty of wildlife paired with nature, or the breathtaking colors of a sunset as it takes a bow and prepares for an encore presentation.


An Old Home Recalls
Paula May Scott

This project seeks to awaken and inspire within my viewers, an appreciation for, and desire to preserve the homes, legacies, and treasures of our past, lest they and their stories be lost forever.

Birds of Florida in Breeding Glory
Carole Devillers

This series Birds of Florida in Breeding Glory presents five of these awesome creatures we call birds during a particular stage of their lives.

Black Flower Series
Joyce P. Lopez

When there is the death of your very best friend and spouse, you deal with the not there. Missing. Gone. Absent. Emptiness.