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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Between Heaven and Earth
by Joyce P. Lopez


When I was a small child, I would often lay on the ground and look up at the clouds. I was quite certain that some day, I would be able to walk on the clouds. I would lay down and cover myself with a cloud as I lay on a cloud pillow. There, it would be quiet—no parents arguing, no kids taunting at school—just blissful peace and vibrant blues with perfectly soft white clouds. Summer was the best time to look up.

Later in my life, I moved from Chicago to Southwest Florida during the rainy season—when the sky becomes technicolor with myriad watercolor washes of all shades. During this season the sky often looks troubled, in an unexpected run-for-your-life sort of way. This is river weather rather than Gulf of Mexico weather, and it has become a new fascination for me.

Each image is a square, with square(s) from the image placed upon the clouds. The square has great significance. Four sides can reference the four elements, the four seasons, the four directions, an architectural element, or windows to new galaxies.