Nature Triumphs
by Michael Simeone


Having had some wonderful, fun cars I wondered what happened to them after they left my driveway. I thought it would be fun to find some memories brought back by via these cars.

In these images you can see that Nature Triumphs over all things, growing through engines, out of windows, or covering a pick-up truck. Seeing these cars and others brought back the smiles and memories that I knew they would.


Nature’s Colorful Palette
Peter Monsees

Nature’s Colorful Palette constantly changes but in its unpredictability, there always seems to be a consistency with the way it handles the sublime.

An Old Home Recalls
Paula May Scott

This project seeks to awaken and inspire within my viewers, an appreciation for, and desire to preserve the homes, legacies, and treasures of our past, lest they and their stories be lost forever.

Nightless Summer In Southeast Iceland
Cliff Roles

I always take the opportunity to grab a backpack and my camera and travel somewhere in the world where I can learn more about other forms of photography.