by Dan Jackson


Apologue: (noun) A short moral story usually featuring symbolic fictional characters.

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a complicated way. An artist says a complicated thing in a simple way.”
– Charles Bukowski

People have always used the personification of animals as a method of communicating abstract ideas. For millennia, animals have adorned the walls of caves and homes, appeared in constellations, folk tales, religious allegories, literature, and in advertising.

With his ongoing series Apologue, Dan Jackson introduces a cast of characters that extends an ancient system of communication to examine modern preoccupations such as elitism, tribalism, melioration and decay, love, gluttony, and deliverance.


Behind the Chutes
Nathan Jones

Behind the Chutes explores rodeo culture across the Canadian plains. Every year for one weekend, many small towns come alive with a mix of cowboys, rodeo fans, and livestock.

Mining in Hell’s Fire for Devil’s Gold
Larry Louie

In the volcanic mountain of Kawah Ijen on the Island of Java in Indonesia, toxic smoke billows out onto the surface of the mountain through tentacle-like tunnels.

Daniel Fox

Down to the smallest of elements, everything exists in relationship to something else.