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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
House of Glory
by José A. Alvarado Jr.


House of Glory documents a group of New Yorkers in their twenties from the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn as they pursue their dreams of becoming professional wrestlers. Against the backdrop of the dimly lit and sweat filled air of the cramped gym in Ridgewood, Queens, students train day-in and day-out for the chance to perform in front of hundreds of fans at the House of Glory’s monthly show.

Founded by two former professional wrestlers, Brian XL, and The Amazing Red, the House of Glory is one of several indie wrestling companies in New York City. What differentiates House of Glory from the wide array of other indie companies in New York, is that it’s a brick and mortar school which provides proper education in professional wrestling for those who want to learn.

Over the course of months, or sometimes years, those who attend the school may be given the chance to perform as in-house talent, a chance that could provide an opportunity to make it to the professional circuit. Many students will never hear roaring applause, chants, and cheers of the crowds, as they bounce off the ropes and mat. These are photographs of the few students excelling at the school.


Life On the Road
Emmanuel Rosario