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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Life On the Road
by Emmanuel Rosario


My photographs depict a life of exploration, curiosity, freedom, and endless adventure—an insight into how I wish my childhood had been.

For me, being on the road isn’t about the destination. It’s about the possibilities: readapting my life, leaving behind the social constraints of home, experiencing freedom. The road awakened the latent child in me, putting me in situations that I could never have imagined, and creating friendships that have shaped my life.

Roaming the streets of Paris in late January 2014, I met Thibault Leveque. We bonded over a shared passion for adventure, and desire to see another side of life—to find small towns we’d never heard of and meet the people who call America home.

In July of that same year, Thibault arrived in New York with Omar. Together, we hit the road traveling west from New York. For over eighty days and 26 states, we lived life as vagabonds. Embracing any challenge and taking advantage of every moment, we lived without limits and let our imaginations create new possibilities. These photographs are an excerpt from a larger body of work that tells the story of our time on the road: raw, unfiltered, and unhinged.