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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Grace Chon

Project Statement:

Dogs have such distinct personalities. Why should they all get the same haircut? Japanese dog grooming throws the rigid and traditional rules of Western style dog grooming out the window, approaching haircuts from a completely different philosophy. Rather than focusing on standard breed grooming, it has one objective: to create haircuts that bring out the animal’s unique personality by highlighting its cutest attributes.

As an animal photographer, I strive to capture the individuality of each animal I photograph. I know dogs have deep inner worlds, and it is always my goal to capture this essence in my imagery. For these reasons, Japanese style dog grooming resonated with me on a philosophical level. I was drawn to the idea of exploring change, and what it feels like to be physically transformed.

Through these images, we can recognize the power of individuality and transformation, and the possibilities that can come from change. Sometimes, all it takes is a great haircut.

Artist Bio:

Grace Chon is an internationally acclaimed commercial and editorial animal photographer, known for her highly expressive portraits of animals. Her clients include ad agencies, pet brands, magazines, publishing companies, celebrities, and TV shows.