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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Frozen World
by Keith Korsgaard

Project Statement:

Macro shots of ice. A technique I have developed over the years using low wattage lights and special slides that are projected through the ice. I also use a method of direct freezing to eliminate air bubbles. The photographs have not been manipulated digitally in Photoshop. This is something that viewers of my work are surprised to find out. The abstract art of my photography will invoke different emotions to different people. My photographs invite the surreal. I like to see the reaction and wonderment that my art sparks in people and how they can see or feel something totally different than myself and others. The photograph will reveal its secrets, when there is a connection with the subconscious. I feel like I am bringing alive something that is overlooked and considered dormant by others, a different world. A photograph captures a moment in time. Everything will eventually change. We are here for a short time and time marches on. Time has stopped in a photograph. A photograph saves its subject from growing old, saves it from dying. While the process of making it is gone forever, the communication between the subject and the viewer remains. The photographer may be long gone, the camera obsolete, the process lost, and now all the excitement is about what is presented in the print.

Artist Bio:

Keith Korsgaard is a Calgary based photographer. Korsgaard’s emphasis is on color and light and the textures that are woven into materials through time. A Lilliputian world of beauty that he finds in the vignettes that others leave behind – in the abstract brilliance of ice, the reptilian texture of a paint encrusted door, the rusted carcass of an old Chevy, the surreal eloquent silence of a rural slough. “The art of playing with color, tone and light fascinates me. The illusive transitory nature of natural light as it materializes on a day outside, with a camera ready, is exhilarating when the perfect moment finally arrives. Madly snapping the shutter before the light changes and morphs, is thrilling. There are so many variables, if you took a picture of an object one day it would look totally different the next day. Capturing the energy of the light in that moment becomes the art.”  A photographer for about 20 years beginning when film was the only medium. Exhibitions: Triangle Gallery (MOCA), Arthouse, PhotoSpace Gallery, Image 54 Fine Art Gallery, Elevation Gallery, Motion Gallery and “Quantum Entanglement” – a permanent installation commissioned for F1rst Tower (TELUS Building, 2nd floor) Downtown Calgary.