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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Crowded Fields
by Pelle Cass

Project Statement:

In the reshuffled time of this series of composite photographs called “Crowded Fields,” play prevails over competition, the stands are empty, the fields are full, and whole games are shown out of sequence. Most of the pictures were taken at lightly attended events at pools, fields, stadiums, and arenas around Boston, where I live.

To make the compositions, I put my camera on a tripod, take up to a thousand pictures, and compile selected figures into a final photograph that’s kind of a still time-lapse. I change nothing — not a pixel — only select what to keep and what to omit. It all happened precisely as you see it, just not at the same time.

Artist Bio:

Pelle Cass is a photographer and artist best known for “Selected People,” a series that records people in city spaces over time. In his previous work, he has worked in the studio, mixing drawing, painting, and sculpture into photographs dating back to the 1970s. His work is owned by the Fogg Art Museum, the Addison Gallery of American Art, the Polaroid Collection, the DeCordova Museum, the Peabody Essex Museum, and the MFA Houston, and others. He has had recent solo shows at Gallery Kayafas in Boston, the Houston Center for Photography, and the Photographic Resource Center in Boston. He has also exhibited in group shows at Eastman House, the Albright Knox Gallery, the New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Metamorf Biennial for Art and Technology (Norway). His work has featured in such places as Wired, Gizmodo, the Washington Post, Vice, and many others. He has been a Yaddo Fellow three times, a Polaroid Fellow three times, and has won awards from the MA Cultural Council (finalist) and the Artist’s Resource Trust. Book contributions include “PhotoViz” (Gestalten), “Deleuze and the City” (University of Edinburgh Press), and “Langford’s Basic Photography” (Focal Press).