by Shira Gold


Vulnerability is the second piece of an eight-part series entitled Good Grief – A Visual Articulation of Shira’s personal Journey After the Life-Changing Loss of Her Mother, Melanie Gold.

Moving through grief’s trance, a new consciousness of life’s fragility emerges like a twitching, reactive muscle that winces at the slightest risk of contact. Vulnerability uncovers this most delicate place in time and space, where emotions are both heightened and frayed. Recognizing life’s impermanence often exposes the fear and lack of control one has over death itself.

Through landscape self-portraits, the imagery reveals the vast and intense array of emotions mourners often face in their individual grief journey. Each piece expresses a fundamental shift in one’s reality and identity.


Behind the Chutes
Nathan Jones

Behind the Chutes explores rodeo culture across the Canadian plains. Every year for one weekend, many small towns come alive with a mix of cowboys, rodeo fans, and livestock.

Dan Jackson

Apologue: (noun) A short moral story usually featuring symbolic fictional characters.

Mining in Hell’s Fire for Devil’s Gold
Larry Louie

In the volcanic mountain of Kawah Ijen on the Island of Java in Indonesia, toxic smoke billows out onto the surface of the mountain through tentacle-like tunnels.