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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Urban Display
by Warren Hicks

Project Statement:

As a multi-disciplinary artist, I rely on my ideas to dictate the medium instead of forcing them into one of convenience or habit. After spending the majority of my artistic career as a painter, I’ve expanded my media options and switched to an idea-based practice. This freedom has led me to the exploration of photography, sculpture, audio/video installations, and more. The media I deploy in my work may vary, but there is always a linear progression throughout.

Photography has become a major focus of my current body of work. My camera of choice is exclusively the iPhone 6s. My photographic subjects include architecture and everyday objects abstracted and defined by their shadow.

The Urban Display series is an ongoing project. The setting dictates color or black and white. I don’t seek locations, they appear and I shoot.

Artist Bio:

Warren Hicks is a multi-disciplinary artist working in photography, painting, video, sculpture and installation.

Born and raised in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Hicks studied architectural design at Oklahoma State University. Prior to graduation, he began working in the music industry in Miami, Florida. In 2002, Hicks relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and began painting.

Completely self-taught, Hicks is a restless experimenter. He is constantly pushing himself into new directions in visual art and writing. Hicks works out of his studio at Spectre Arts in Durham, North Carolina and is also the co-creator of the visual arts podcast, Don’t You Lie to Me!