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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
U Conzu
by Riccardo Colelli

Project Statement:

Grape harvest at the base of Mount Etna, Sicily, made in the traditional way with wooden millstone. Part of a project that aims to show farming traditions in Sicily, preserved only by the elderly. The harvest of grapes is a true social rite and always ends at the dinner table. The title, “U Conzu,” is in Sicilian and indicates the grape must collected in a cylindrical shape.

Artist Bio:

Riccardo Colelli is a self-taught photographer with an interest in anthropological photography that speaks to our dreams, habits and traditions. Colelli’s work has received top honors and awards at photography competitions across the world, including most recently, Rangefinder’s 2017 Lifestyle Photo Contest, the 2016 Tokyo Foto Awards, and the 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards, among others.