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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Tokyo Street
by Tatsuo Suzuki

Project Statement:

I’d like to express more energy, friction and emotional scene in my hometown, Tokyo Street. It certainly exists and I feel it from the street everyday. I firmly grasp the existing emotional scene and express it through my shots, so I shoot to present this side of the city’s burning feeling, which is also the reflection of my own mind.

Artist Bio:

Tatsuo Suzuki was born in Tokyo in 1965 and continues to live there today. He started shooting street photography in 2008, with an aim to show how the world is beautiful, interesting, wonderful and sometimes cruel.

Last year, Suzuki was a finalist in the San Francisco Street Photo Contest and the LensCulture Street Photography Awards. He won first place in the ND Awards 2016 Street Category and was the winner of the Steidl Book Award Japan.