The Spoken Word
by Gregory Jundanian


Each photograph in The Spoken Word project is meant to be a visual open mic, a stitch in the fabric of the slam poetry community in the Boston area.

The photographs are developed conceptually in collaboration with the people at poetry slams, they’re based on the poet’s personal style of expression.

The prints are finished with a piece of, or an entire handwritten poem placed directly on the photograph by the poet, creating an individual testament to our collaboration and their voice.


Pattern Repeats
Tira Khan

I began this series shortly after–and in response to–the 2016 presidential election.

Ms. Behavior
Nancy Grace Horton

My photographs are investigations of female gender roles as influenced by American culture and mass media.

Siren Song
Tamar Granovsky

Siren Song is a body of work that centres on the desert landscape of California’s Salton Sea. What draws me back to this environment, again and again, is the silence, desolation, and isolation of this place that seems to be suspended in time.