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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
The Labyrinth
by Joe Lipka

Project Statement:

As we traverse the labyrinth, do we know if we make the correct choice? Can we continue easily or should we consider the dead end as just that and begin a new journey from that spot? Or should we retrace our steps in the hope that this setback is only temporary?

Make a decision based on the information at hand. In the labyrinth you may go left, right, up, down or turn back and retrace your steps. Life is a labyrinth of alternatives, choices and decisions for the many possible paths we face each day. Some decisions are not important. Others don’t seem important at the time. But we must live with the decisions once they are made. Sometimes a decision has consequences that don’t appear or affect you until much later. Unlike the labyrinth, you cannot retrace your steps through life and make that same decision again. You make a choice in your life and go on.

Artist Bio:

Joe Lipka has photographed for more than 45 years. He is neither a professional photographer nor an artist, but he tries his best to act like an artist whenever he can.

Since moving to the Research Triangle Park area in 1987, Joe has exhibited in 16 solo shows and 101 juried exhibitions in and around the Triangle. He has earned awards in 15 of the juried exhibitions, including the Best in Show Award in 1991 and Juror’s Choice award in 2014 from the Raleigh Fine Arts Society. In addition to exhibitions, Joe was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from the City of Raleigh in 1990 and has been published in LensWork and Black and White Photography (UK) magazines.

His chief photographic outlet are his blog, Postcards from the Creative Journey, and his website.