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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Elana Bush


Influenced by my upbringings in South Florida, Soflow depicts aquatic spaces as an entryway to my ideal alternate world. During and after my troubled childhood, I have dived into pools and oceans to escape the harsh reality of my young adulthood. Underwater acoustics distort sound and I no longer hear the chaos in my suburban home. The murky waters blur my vision and I no longer see the people who hurt me. The chlorinated pools of my town and the saline waters of the Atlantic enter my mouth and I no longer taste the bar of soap forced in my mouth. Underwater spaces have many otherworldly qualities that are often more favorable than those of life above the waterline.

Soflow showcases images taken just before I have entered a body of water. Even though the sun shines above water, I feel a strong sense of warmth under water. I feel alive when I am submerged. These images exude warm tones that translate that warmth I feel when going beneath the surface. I capture these aquatic environments on analog cameras that capture the nostalgia of my childhood and my longing desire to enter an alternate world.