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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Dhanraj Emanuel


Reclaiming is a photographic exploration using various powdered foods such as confectioners sugar, cayenne pepper, black tea, matcha, cocoa, flour, and salt. Using lines as a design element, as well as the Japanese minimalist aesthetic of ma (negative space) as a conceptual and stylistic framework, this design-centric monologue conceals within it ruminations about loss, identity, destiny, and the effect of time on memory.

The powders—selected for color or taste—symbolize feelings or events that reside only in memory. On some occasions they take on the role of a proxy, or function as a stand-in for people. The intent of this series is to express autobiographical and deeply personal content under the camouflage of an aesthetic sensibility that is rigid yet approachable, austere, melancholic, and meditative. Starkly absent from the work is the emotional underpinning that led to its creation. What remains is a simulacrum—a representation of a time and place.