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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Over/Time: Imaging Home
by Tama Hochbaum


Time, orientation, and the search for center/home are the subjects of my photography. Shooting for the last nine years exclusively with an iPhone, and using multiple frames initially constructed in my camera roll, I affect a kind of distortion—apt for the ever-shifting current situation, as well as the lasting disequilibrium I have from vertigo. My search for the center—for home—is quite evident in the vertiginous nature of the resulting composite pieces. Things separate, are momentarily lost, seem to stretch, fall apart, then realign and congeal—never seamlessly, however. I am more interested in the viewer noticing the shift from panel to panel, the disquiet felt from things just not matching up.

I have always been interested in making art about the passage of time. These pieces are documents, cockeyed as they may be, of my days and nights—my return to painting in the landscape (my yard) over these last months, a triptych of winter shadows on the garage in the late afternoon, and the room and view out the window in the evening. These are captures of my search for the center of things—for home.