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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Fausto Podavini

Project Statement:

Mirella is the story of a woman, a mother, a wife, and a grandmother.

Mirella is 71 years old. She spent 43 years of her life with the person she loved. Forty-three years of sharing difficulties, laughs, and beautiful moments: a family, a house, values handed down.

In the last six years something changed, Mirella had to fight against her husband’s illness, Alzheimer’s disease. She devoted her life to him. She became his caregiver, looking forward with devotion, strength and love. As long as there is life, there is hope, even if memories are slowly wasted day by day, relentlessly.

What could be more dolorous than no longer being recognized by the person you love, your life partner? MiRelLa is the love story of a woman suddenly forced to face—on her own—the biggest difficulty experienced. Mirella spent her life next to her husband; she never abandoned him. Mirella’s husband died with immense pain in his house among loved ones, the same house where they spent their whole lives together.

This is a work that tells of a condition and a disease common to lots of families in the world, which affect people regardless of their social status, country and age: Alzheimer’s disease.

Artist Bio:

Fausto Podavini was born in Rome, where he currently lives and works. After graduating from the Technical Institute of Electronics, he received his Master’s degree in reportage at the John Kaverdash Photography Academy in Milan. He began his photographic journey first as an assistant and studio photographer, after which he devoted himself exclusively to reportage, working as a freelancer on various non-profit projects in Italy, Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia.

In 2009, he began to work with the Collective WSP and became a permanent member in 2010. Podavini currently works as a professor of photojournalism with the collective, where he also collaborates on group projects.

In addition to his work in Africa, South America and India, Podavini has covered important stories in Italy, including sports for the disabled, juvenile prison and Alzheimer’s Disease.