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Love Story
by Sasan Moayyedi


The Iran-Iraq War is the most prolonged war of the 20th century after the Vietnam War. One of the ominous aftermaths of this war is the unexploded landmines that seem everlasting. The story of landmines is one that preserves the war’s poisonous theme and remains for coming generations. There are still villages and towns that war has not stopped for their residents.

Love Story is the narrative of a boy called Salah Saeedpour, born on August 23, 1986 in Marivan County, Kurdistan Province, Iran. Fifteen years after the end of the Iran-Iraq War, as Salah had grown adolescent and just in the time when war and bloodshed were replaced by peace and love, he became a victim of the silent war. On September 7, 2001, while having a picnic with his family, Salah stepped on an unexploded concealed landmine somewhere near Bashmaq—the border of Marivan and Iraqi Kurdistan. He lost his two hands (from the wrist) and his two eyes.