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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Miora Rajaonary


LAMBA is an ongoing photography project documenting the vanishing tradition of the lamba, a Malagasy garment that serves as a symbol of the island of Madagascar’s cultural heritage, pride, and symbol of empowerment for Malagasy people. Although Western clothing has taken over Malagasy people’s clothing for daily use among the younger generations, the lamba remains cherished by our grandparents and worn by everyone on special occasions.

Malagasy people take pride in style and appearance, and fashion design has remained somewhat indigenous to the island of Madagascar. Malagasy people wear this textile that forms a solemn connection with the living and their ancestors, making them feel unique, dignified, and inspired.

For the background of each picture, I used a lambahoany, a printed cotton lamba depicting a typical daily Malagasy life scene, and featuring a proverb on the lower border of the design.


Kennedi Carter