Home Sweet Home
by Francis Meslet


Like time capsules testifying to a parallel world, Francis Meslet’s melancholic images brave the passage of time, perfect for enabling the mind to wander and ponder, making way for silence following the memories left behind by human inhabitation.


Paradise Lost
Adriana Loureiro Fernandez

Those who stay can only think about leaving. Those who leave can only dream of returning.

This is my Home
Tsz Wah

This project discusses social and political issues in Hong Kong using inspiration and references from various objects: matchboxes, half a papaya, a drawing, two passports, and a kid, to show the needs and wants of Hongkongers.

LGBT in China
Raul Ariano

The LGBT community has been specifically targeted since 1979 when the Chinese communist party criminalized the group by including homosexuality in the nonspecific act of hooliganism.