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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
by Claudio Dell'Osa


The main “actors” of the shots made by Claudio Dell’Osa are some of the most recurrent foods in the mediterranean diet. They are humble, common, and at the same time, basic products of our cuisine. His cross section photo series displays the whole plant, from its leaves and vegetable to its roots—soil included. It also reveals Dell’Osa‘s attempt to get the observer to recall an archaic world ruled by Mother Earth. It is a trip that clashes with the modern man’s reality—the daily eating rhythms controlled by a distorted perception of foods—which Dell’Osa sees as something unnatural and artificial. For this reason, we should recover a kind of assimilation that pays particular attention to our origins—even if it’s visual and likely to last for a few seconds of observation. Zero kilometer products, biological agriculture, and veganism are the many answers to those who want to know, learn, and experiment. But how much awareness is there in relation to these eating choices? Unfortunately, we are more and more distant from the genuine farming we come from. These photos ask the observer to consider the natural “miracles” that we are glad to consume at mealtimes everyday.