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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
COVID-19 Social Isolation Wet Plate Series
by Shane Balkowitsch


Each and every day the world is filled with millions and millions of digital photographs that have no value, character, significance, or physical form. That is not the case with a wet plate. The wet plate process is magical and the end result is tangible and precious.

Digital photography of today relies on technology. Wet plate photography relies on 160-year-old chemistry, a bit of magic, and some luck. I think it is very important that as technology moves forward, we embrace and continue to celebrate and not forget important processes from the past. Wet plate photography is one of those processes. I am very proud to be one of five artists pouring wet plates in the state of North Dakota at this time. Every time I show someone the wet plate process, they are absolutely amazed by the ability to get a photograph using some chemicals and pieces of glass that I cut by hand.