by Marlena Waldthausen


Twins Jörg and Rolf Fischer are deeply bound to one another by their fate. They were both born deaf and gradually lost their sight during the course of their lives due to severe diabetes. I accompanied the twins many months with my camera and was deeply fascinated by their unique, almost symbiotic relationship.

Generally, deafblind people live isolated in their own world due to their impairment and often find it difficult to build up a relationship with others. Not so Jörg and Rolf: they have rarely been separated since they were born, and as it is so difficult for them to communicate with the world around them, their bond grew even stronger. They support each other in their daily lives as much as they can and have developed their own language and humour.


It’s all in my head
Etinosa Yvonne

It’s All In My Head is a multimedia project that explores the coping mechanisms of survivors of terrorism and violent conflict by using layered portraits of the things they do to help themselves move forward or, otherwise.

Rachel Wisniewski

Take Me Away depicts the life and times of Canton House, a Chinese take away which opened in the UK in the early 60’s by the Yau family after emigrating from Hong Kong in search of a better life.

Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town
Matt Eich

Over the course of seven years I spent approximately 130 days in the town of Greenwood, Mississippi, as I considered the legacies of racism and segregation on the lives of people growing up in America today.