Jake Belcher: The Keepers of the Lane

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The Keepers of the Lanes is a visual study of a fifty-year-old bowling alley lost in time in a modern, post-industrial, sleepy New England town. The people featured here have been coming to this bowling alley for at least half of their lives, and they take pride in preserving and curating an institution that has remained true to form for so many years. This building has served as an oasis from the daily turmoil of the outside world for the mostly older folks who live, work, and play here. A strong sense of pride and ownership is apparent among the aging men and women. A theme of permanence tests the viewer, daring one to imagine how long an institution like this may last once its curators are no longer around to care for it.


Jake Belcher is a documentary photographer from New England who draws inspiration for projects from his his years working as a photojournalist for small town newspapers, applying a community journalism approach to his personal and artistic creations. Mainly a photographer of people, Belcher has recently blended his passion for photographing people, while considering how they fit into the urban and rural landscapes of Massachusetts. Shooting mostly with his 35mm and 120mm cameras, he feels an urgency to photograph the curious and majestic anachronisms that continue in these small Massachusetts towns. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Sara, his young son Jack, and their dog Buddy.

www.jakebelcher.com @jakebphotog

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