Lori Vrba: Drunken Poet's Dream

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Artist's Statement:

I’m never happier in my creative life than when I’m at play, making art. Maybe it's following a whim on a windy day with construction paper birds, or placing feathers or yarn balls on my own prints to make a new negative. Turning loose of fear and stepping unencumbered into that playful state of mind elevates the work and it's a whole lot more fun.

Artist's Bio:

Lori Vrba is a native Texan, now residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is a self-taught artist, committed to film and the traditional wet darkroom. Vrba's imagery is rooted in themes of memory, illusion, loss and revival. Her solo shows have been met with great acclaim, nationally and internationally. Vrba believes her exhibition installations are an extension of the aesthetic and narrative components of her imagery. Her work is held in permanent and private collections throughout the world. Her first monograph, The Moth Wing Diaries, (Daylight, 2015), was named one of the top ten photo books of 2015 by American Photo Magazine.  


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