[ 2018 national ]

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Cone of Shame

by Winnie Au


by Li Sun


by Grace Chon


by Anup Shah


by Tristan Spinski

Meet Bob

by Jasper Doest

The Unchosen Ones

by R.J. Kern


by Anup Shah

Birds of Prey

by Claire Rosen


by Lara Jo Regan

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The Holy Fruition

by Masumi Shiohara

Form • Function • Food

by Gabriella Marks

State Fare

by David Williams

Egg Yolk

by Gokce Erenmemisoglu

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

by Marianne MarpLondon


by Shinya Masuda

U Conzu

by Riccardo Colelli

Cut Food Series

by Beth Galton

Daily Bread

by Gregg Segal

Fringe Benefits

by Jean-Michel Regoin

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Family Fictions

by Liz Albert

Coming Home

by Gabriella Demczuk


by Unhee Park


by Fausto Podavini

On the Periphery

by Sinziana Velicescu

A House is Not a Home

by Brooke DiDonato


by Emily Schiffer

Silver Gull Beach Club

by Andréanna Seymore

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Ice Formation

by Ryota Kajita

Living on the edge

by Ismail Ferdous


by Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir


by Robert Harding Pittman

Your Earth Transforms

by Meike Nixdorf

As Usual

by Brooke DiDonato

Stray from the Path

by Joel Redman


by Robert Dash

Danakil: Land of Salt and Fire

by Andrea Frazzetta

Found in Nature

by Barry Rosenthal

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Azalea Trail Maids

by Adair Rutledge

Rowan's Reach

by Lisa Krantz

Black Outlined Blue

by Daniel Edwards

Come to Selfhood

by Joshua Rashaad McFadden

Prom in Flint

by Landon Nordeman

Family Matters

by Adriana Zehbrauskas

On The Border

by Vadim Ghirda


by Rachel Papo

Sulfur Soldiers

by Valerie Leonard

Waiting Girls

by Sadegh Souri

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Cascade Roll

by Raymond McCrea Jones

Playful Sassy '70s

by Meryl Meisler

Crowded Fields

by Pelle Cass


by Idris Solomon

That Old Black and White Magic

by Carol Golemboski

Where the Amish Vacation

by Dina Litovsky


by Laura Barisonzi

In Case of Rain

by Aline Smithson

48 Hours en Pointe

by Sasha Arutyunova

Drunken Poet's Dream

by Lori Vrba

Street Play NYC

by Martha Cooper

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Red Summer

by Wendel White


by Natan Dvir


by Todd Antony

The Wall

by Griselda San Martin

Tokyo Street

by Tatsuo Suzuki

Halsey Street

by Gareth Smit and Ashley Gilbertson


by Dina Litovsky

A Detroit Nocturne

by Dave Jordano

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[ 2018 REGIONAL ]

Canada Colorado New England New Mexico Triangle

O Human Child

by Vera Saltzman

Fault Lines

by Valerie Zink

Frozen World

by Keith Korsgaard

Two Wheelers

by Gerry Dotto

Wasicu and the Eagles

by Amber Bracken

Title IX

by Alana Paterson

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States of Grace

by Wendi Schneider

Today's West

by Preston Utley

Not So Far From Here

by Paul Sisson

American Standard

by Matthew Defeo


by Javier Álvarez

Collecting Words

by Brian Fouhy


by Beth Johnston

Leave No Trace

by Andrew Forestell

Once Upon a Playground

by Brenda Biondo

The Fellowship

by Chip Kalback

Not So Far From Here

by Paul Sisson

Immediate World

by Katie Kalkstein


by Morgan Levy

Chica Barbie

by Carl Bower

After War

by Teri Fullerton

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Mars on Earth

by Cassandra Klos

Personal History

by Sarah Malakoff

What We Need Is Here

by Sarah Rice


by Pamela Pecchio

Lost and Found

by Michael Joseph

Prayer Pieces

by Marky Kauffmann

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Jill Brody

Raising Goosebumps

by Cate Wnek


by Lily Piel


by Kristen Emack


by Caleb Cole

Growing Up Girl

by Tira Khan

Hounds of Hope

by Julie McGuire

Cleared, Stained, Imagined

by Stephen Petegorsky

Wild & Precious

by Jesse Burke


by Eric Nichols

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Her Dream

by Zoe Zimmerman


by Stefan Batista

Los Muertos

by Roberto Rosales


by Patti Bose

Party City is the Devil

by Jonathan Blaustein

A Year in Nature

by Elizabeth Evans


by David Saxe

Portrait of Santa Rosa

by Adria Malcolm

Multilayered in Cuba

by Carrie McCarthy

Mi Familia

by Megan Jacobs


by Danny Allegretti


by David Saxe

Generations of Service

by Dham Khalsa

Stories From The Range

by Sally Thomson

The Story of the Strawberry

by Esha Chiocchio


by Stefan Wachs

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Ghost Town

by Yousuf Zafar

Girl Wrestle

by Rachel Jessen

Blanket of Fog

by Nancy Arehart

Stardust and Ashes

by Mary Shannon Johnson

Tintypes: A Community Portrait

by Leah Sobsey & Tim Telkamp

Prancing Snowflake

by Dawn Surratt

Stones Echo

by Chris Ogden


by Leah Sobsey


by Shawn Rocco

Urban Display

by Warren Hicks

Drawn to Water

by Bryce Lankard

SE Raleigh

by Gesche Wurfel

The Labyrinth

by Joe Lipka

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