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The Quiet World of Aging
by Melinda Reyes


The Quiet World of Aging is a collection of portraits that convey the many faces of aging: the beauty, sorrow, joy, despair, and most importantly the dignity with which these individuals carry out their remaining time. It is a celebration of their history made evident in the details and richness of their eyes, hands, posture, and lines of their skin. Throughout this project, I sought to find an honest and intimate portrayal of aging—to make seen what I feel is hidden, and to make those who feel invisible, visible.

While many cultures respect the aging process and revere their elders, Western cultures glorify youth. Aging is often seen as a personal failing, or even shameful. Within this series, I began a personal journey of exploring the deeply embedded stigma of aging.

By photographing at a close distance, the series seeks to connect the viewer on a more personal level to the intricacies of this life phase—to raise awareness about this vulnerable yet inspiring group of individuals by embracing their identities and giving them the reverence they deserve. Quite simply—to be seen.


Patio Life
James Collins