Stacy Platt

Editor, Society for Photographic Education Exposure Journal

Society for Photographic Education


Stacy Platt is the editor for the Society for Photographic Education's journal Exposure, which seeks to identify, analyze and extend contemporary and scholarly conversations within—and beyond—the field of photography. Passionate about the great wide world of image-making, Stacy is invested in the idea of close involvement with communities that serve to understand, connect disseminate the questions and issues that shape what the medium is and means today. She has been an arts writer for Jen Bekman’s art venture 20×200, and is the founder of the the site http://the-, a space of longform writing about photography. Her writing has been cited by Sean O’Hagan in The Guardian and in The San Francisco Chronicle. Her research focuses upon contemporary international photography, with an emphasis on photography from Japan and Southeast Asia. Stacy writes about and is also concerned (and invested in a quite literal manner) with the rising culture of the photobook. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO and teaches photography at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.