Peggy Sue Amison

Artistic Director

East Wing


Peggy Sue Amison is Artistic Director for East Wing - a platform for photography based in Dubai, UAE. As a curator, writer, strategist, mentor and photographic consultant, Peggy Sue has collaborated with numerous emerging and established photographers, festivals and publications internationally. Before beginning her position at East Wing in 2014, Peggy Sue was Artistic Director of Sirius Arts Centre in Ireland (2001 – 2014) where she headed a multidisciplinary visual arts and residency programme.

Working with a wide range of visual artists, but specifically in photography, Peggy Sue has curated exhibitions in Dubai, Ireland, Berlin, Poland, Denmark and China, written for various photographic publications and artist catalogues and has independently produced photographic events.

Through her different positions and projects Peggy works to create synergies between artists and an professional organisations. She has been invited speaker, juror and critic at numerous meeting places for photography and contests. For the last six years she has also contributed to the development of the artist residency programme, PICTURE BERLIN in Germany. Peggy was a founding board member for Belfast Photo Festival in Northern Ireland (2012 – 2016).