Molly Casey

Co-Founder + Studio Chief



That rarest of species, a Colorado native, Molly Casey co-founded NINE dot ARTS and works as Studio Chief, overseeing the creative side of the business in addition to a whole lot of other things (like planning the annual NDA retreat.) Molly loves art for two primary reasons: it keeps the world (more) sane and it tells the story of humankind throughout history, which she says, “is pretty cool.” She chose art consulting because it is a feasible career in the arts – no starving here.
Molly first enrolled as a proud Banana Slug at UC Santa Cruz, but when the art department there stopped providing basic necessities, she hightailed it back to Denver to finish out her Sculpture degree at CU Denver. When she’s not creating knock-out art collections, she’s taking care of her kiddos, gardening, doing typical outdoorsy-Colorado things excluding bicycling (she hates bikes) or eating sushi. Her favorite color (or lack thereof) is black. With a middle name like Bird, she had to live in Paris and did so as a teen. If she asks you to “Facetwit” something, it means: “Please, post this to social media.”

Photo by Natalie Greenberg