Maggie Triplette

Patron / Collector

Maggie and Gene Triplette Photography Fund


Maggie Triplette is a collector and patron of the arts. She endowed and supports the photography program at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Through that program she has brought in world renowned artists such as Keith Carter and Emmet Gowen for lectures to serve students and the entire community. She serves on the acquisitions committee for the Weatherspoon Museum at UNCG.

As an avid photography collector for over thirty years, Maggie is a frequent visitor to APAID where she is often drawn to figurative and still life works. She, like her late husband Gene, is particularly interested in people's faces and the stories they reveal. In still lifes, she finds affinity for the play of negative space. Her collection of works on paper focus primarily on color, but includes many black and whites photographs, notably that of Paul Caponigro's still lifes.

In parallel, she has a passion for photography books and has expanded her personal collection to the creation of the permanent Triplette Collection at UNCG's Jackson Library.