Santa Fe

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Exhibition on view: July 21 through October 27, 2018
Location: Santa Fe Railyard Park
Past Exhibitions: 2017, 2016

New Mexico Region Juror Panel:

Jennifer Schlesinger, Owner | Director, Obscura Gallery
Jessamyn Lovell, Lecturer in the Art and Art History Department at the University of New Mexico
David Bram, Editor, founder and curator of Fraction Magazine
Daniel Kosharek, Photo Curator, Palace of the Governors Photo Archives / New Mexico History Museum
John McCauley, Art Director, New Mexico Magazine
Matthew Chase Daniel, Founder, Axle Art

The New Mexico juror panel curates the regional showcase exhibition that highlights work by photographers living in New Mexico. 

Photos courtesy of Esha Chiocchio and Gabriella Marks

Her Dream

by Zoe Zimmerman


by Stefan Batista

Los Muertos

by Roberto Rosales


by Patti Bose

A Year in Nature

by Elizabeth Evans


by David Saxe

Portrait of Santa Rosa

by Adria Malcolm

Multilayered in Cuba

by Carrie McCarthy

Mi Familia

by Megan Jacobs


by Danny Allegretti


by David Saxe

Generations of Service

by Dham Khalsa

Stories From The Range

by Sally Thomson

The Story of the Strawberry

by Esha Chiocchio


by Stefan Wachs


Events, Santa Fe

Sat July 21: The FENCE Santa Fe Opening Celebration

Join us for The FENCE 2018 Opening Celebration in Railyard Park, Santa Fe on Saturday July 21, 5 - 8PM. There will be a reception to follow at the ...



Education Guide: Discussion questions for 5 to 15 yrs and beyond!

Welcome to The FENCE, the largest public photo exhibition in North America that reaches over six million visitors annually through open-air exhibition...



ASMP-NM advocates the highest standards of professional photography, offering programs, seminars and timely news, providing business support to its members, encouraging education and promoting camaraderie in the larger photographic community in New Mexico.

The Railyard Park is a new 12-acre stretch of parks and the Railyard Plaza in the heart of Santa Fe. More than 13 acres of open space have been created including a park, plaza and pedestrian promenade where water-harvesting and other environmentally innovative systems are in use. A trail for pedestrians and cyclists now runs the length of The Railyard from Montezuma to the south end of the Park. Commuter train service has begun with the New Mexico Railrunner Express arriving and debarking regularly from the historic depot, along with Santa Fe Southern’s popular excursion trains.

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