The 8th Edition of The FENCE and the New England Regional Photographers Showcase will be on view in spring 2020.

Past Exhibitions: 20172016201520142013

This exhibition will also include a New England Regional Showcase featuring the photographers below, and curated by the New England Region Juror Panel.

New England Region Juror Panel:

Meg Birnbaum: Photographer and Educator
Erin Carey: Academic Director, New England School of Photography
Karen Davis: Curator/Co-Founder, Davis Orton Gallery
Iaritza Menjivar: Associate Director, Griffin Museum of Photography
Elin Spring: Founder & Editor, What Will You Remember?
Paula Tognarelli: Executive Director, Griffin Museum

The New England juror panel curates the regional showcase exhibition that highlights work by photographers living in New England. 

Pattern Repeats

by Tira Khan

Ms. Behavior

by Nancy Grace Horton

The Spoken Word

by Gregory A. Jundanian

Siren Song

by Tamar Granovsky

Hidden Waters: Desert Springs

by Bremner Benedict


by Susan Lapides


by Kristen Joy Emack

Mars on Earth

by Cassandra Klos

Party City is the Devil

by Jonathan Blaustein

Personal History

by Sarah Malakoff

What We Need Is Here

by Sarah Rice


by Pamela Pecchio

Lost and Found

by Michael Joseph

Prayer Pieces

by Marky Kauffmann

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Jill Brody

Raising Goosebumps

by Cate Wnek



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