Jean-Michel Regoin: Fringe Benefits

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Artist's Statement:

I work at night and my employer provides a meal; a benefit in kind that clearly appears in the right place on my payslip. I decided to keep a trace of this benefit in kind put on my plate. That’s how I started making this photographic journal with my mobile phone: unpretentious pictures snapped quickly in the same technical conditions. The daily specials look healthy, but I have a problem with them. In this age of hyped-up gastronomy, when a flawed dinner is poorly rated, some food is utterly forgettable. #junkfood #foodindustry #massproduction #lowcost

Artist's Bio:

Jean-Michel Regoin was born in Le Mans, France in 1958 and recently came out of anonymity—the moment of maturity in art, no doubt. A professional nurse, Jean-Michel is a self-taught photographer, whose work ranges from portraits to landscapes and illustrations, which nourish his personal projects. He continues to live and work in Le Mans, France.

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