Education Guide: Discussion questions for 5 to 15 yrs and beyond!

Welcome to The FENCE, the largest public photo exhibition in North America that reaches over six million visitors annually through open-air exhibitions in 8 cities across North America: Brooklyn (NY), Boston (MA), Atlanta (GA), Santa Fe (NM), Durham (NC), Denver (CO), Sarasota (FL) and Calgary (Canada).

The FENCE 2018 features a diverse roster of 41 photographers hailing from around the globe. They share stories across seven thematic categories—Streets, People, Home, Play, Nature, Food, and Creatures—which we hope will be engaging for visitors of all ages.

This guide has been created for 5 to 15-year-olds (as well as 55 and beyond!). It begins with framing questions and vocabulary about photography, followed by discussion questions for each category. We encourage parents, educators and friends to adapt accordingly to age and interest, and, most importantly, to have great conversations around The FENCE.

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